12 Unfortunate Times Dogs Tried To Eat Bees

Those who own a dog know that canines would eat just about anything. Not surprisingly, sometimes the situation may go out of control - especially when your pooch decides to snack on something alive that stings... In the list below, we've collected the most brutally hilarious pics of dogs who learned the hard way that bees are not food. Watsch and learn, doggiesh!

#1. "Shanks For Nosh Laughing

#2. "Well, Shish Ish Embarrashing"

#3. "I'm Fine. Sherioushly"

Husky stung by a bee

#4. "Shtop Shtaring!"

Dog with a swollen snout

#5. "Thatsh Wash A Shtupid Idea"

Small dog looking sad after a bee incident

#6. "Mutsch Shting, Very Oush"

Shiba inu with a swollen face

#7. "Am I Shtill A Good Boy?"

Dog with a massive snout after being stung by bee

#8. "I Only Wantshed A Shmall Boop..."

Sad dog after an unfortunate encounter with a bee

#9. "Doesh Itsh Look Bad?"

Sad dog stung by a bee is comforted a human

#10. "Cush Ish Oush, Guysh. Itsh Nosh Funny"

Dog stung by a bee makes a sad face

#11. "Ish Itch Shtill Shwollen?"

Puppy stung by a bee

#12. "No Regretsh"

Golden Retriever stung by a bee is stlil smiling


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