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15 Hilarious Dogs That Will Make You Laugh

No matter how bad your day is, knowing that you'll come back home to your sweet dog makes everything better - especially if your dog is as hilarious as these pooches in the list below!

#1. My Dog Ran Away, After Hours Of Looking I Came Home To This...

Dog trying to get inside its home

#2. He Thinks He Has To Wait In Line To Get A Treat

Dog patiently waiting in line of plush toys

#3. My Friend's Corgi Ate Pumpkin Seeds, Pooped Them Out, And They Started Growing. Here She Is Sitting Next To Her Work

Corgi next to pumpkin he planter after he ate pumpkin seeds

#4.  I Thought Ordering My Dog A Birthday Cake Would Be A Waste Of Money... Her Reaction Was Worth Every Penny

Dog staring at its birthday cake

#5. This Is Zoey's Pillow. If She Likes You, She'll Bring You The Pillow. You Can't Touch It, But You Can Look

Dog showing its favorite pillow

#6. They Think They're Going To The Vet When In Reality They Are Headed To The Dog Park

Dog hugging its buddy

#7.  I Came Home From Vacation Yesterday, And My Dog Hasn't Left Me Alone Since

Dog looking extremely happy to see its owner

#8. Found A Loose Seal In My Bathroom

Dog wrapped up in a towel looks like a seal

#9. My German Shepard Is Hilarious, Every Once In A While I'll Catch Him Doing This

German Shepherd staring at its reflection

#10. He Started Barking At The Door, When I Got Up To Look Outside He Ran Back A Stole A Slice Of My Pizza. No One At The Door

Dog chewing a slice of pizza

#11. This Is How She Falls Asleep On The Couch...

Dog sleeping with a funny face

#12. My Golden Retriever Decided To Roll On The Freshly Mowed Lawn

Labrador with green fur

#13. This Is Rizzo. She Likes To File Her Toys Now. I Have No Idea Why

Dog with its toys sorted out

#14. So I Walked Into The Great Room And Found My Dog Like This. This Isn't Staged... She Did This Herself

Dog sleeping under a blanket

#15. My Rottweiler When Grandma Visits

Rottweiler happy to see grandma

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