15 Times When Cats Found Too Much Catnip (15 Pics)

Everyone has a sweet spot, and for the cats, it's definitely catnip. While felines react differently to it, they mostly get really excited, or sedated, depending on whether they smell or ingest the plant. Whatever the case, the result is always hilarious! In the list below, we've rounded up the funniest photos of cats high on catnip - check it out! 

#1. Our Cat Gets High On Catnip, Then Sits On The Couch And Watches Family Guy For Hours. I Walked In On Her Like This

Cat sitting on a couch

#2. Kitteh's 1st Time On The Nip!

1st time on the nip

#3. Catnip + Cat Pole: Awkward Family Situation (Mother And Son)

Cat scratching its post

#4. Catnip Catnap

Cat passed out on a table

#5. "The Ceiling Is... Floor"

Cat hanging on a chair upside down

#6. My Wife's Cat Likes To Get High On Nip And "Hang" Out In Bags Or He Meows Incessantly Until He Does

Cat in a shopping bag

#7. Look Who Found The Catnip While I Was Out... 

Cat lying on the floor

#8. My Kitten Found The Catnip Drawer And Immediately Had An Existential Crisis

Cat looking sad

#9. "What Catnip?"

Cat with crazy eyes

#10. My Cat Felix, High Off His Ass On Catnip

Cat stuck on its climber

#11. Just My Cat Enjoying Some Catnip In The Sun. He Was Seriously Sleeping Like This

Cat sleeping outside

#12. I Introduced My Cat To Catnip Today...

Cat high on catnip

#13. Meet Bynx: She Can't Handle Her Catnip

Cat sits in the corner and shows its tongue

#14. Bought My Cat A Pound Of Catnip... Good Kitty

Cat hugging its toy in a box full of catnip

#15. After Eating A Bunch Of Catnip, Gus Just Sat There Staring At Nothing For A Couple Minutes

Stoned cat has the weirdest frozen look on its face


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