Rescue Stories

"You could see the joy in his face when they were reunited" 

Who's a good dog, Storm? You are!

Mason would hiss every time someone would try to approach him.

This poor doggie has the sweetest heart, but somehow he ended up at at a shelter when he was just 10 months old. For everyone's surprise, time kept passing and no one was...

Nutmeg was dubbed "The Saddest Cat" because of his perpetually worried face. When the poor kitty was brought to a local shelter, he was...


Last month, the 4-year-old pit bull mix named Electra was surrendered to a California shelter by her previous owners, and her reaction was absolutely heartbreaking. Luckily...


On Monday morning, the most devastating thing happened at Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary in northern South Africa. Tho elderly lions, José and Liso, were found mutilated and killed by poachers.


Meet Polly, a blind rescue goat that loves to wear her duck costume. The poor thing suffers from anxiety, and only feels safe in it.


GiGi, a great horned owl, was brought to Wild at Heart Rescue, Mississippi after she had suffered a massive head trauma, possibly due to a car accident. The poor bird would have probably died, if not for the care of Douglas "Doug" Pojeky, also known as the "birds of prey whisperer."